Youth Shapers: Localizing the SDGs


“Youth Voices” is a KA3 Erasmus+ Project organized by our Danish NGO partner Crossing Borders, part of which is the Youth Exchange “Youth Shapers: Localizing the SDGs” which will be implemented in the Island of Fyn, in Denmark!

EKO Greece introduces you the Greek team; Nikos, Kate, Kostas, Tonia, Spilios, Konstantina and Giannis are our 7 young, motivated and talented participants of this youth exchange! Let’s meet them and listen to their shared thoughts about the topic of the project:

In the meantime, during the quarantine our participants had to share some thoughts, feelings or drawings about COVID-19 and the effects of it on the environment and in general in the climate change. So, here we are:

  1. Will COVID-19 improve environmental sustainability & aid  fight against climate change? –  Spilios Iliopoulos (Urban & Regional Planner)
  2. What can the COVID-19 pandemic teach us concerning climate change? – Kate Malakoudi (Undergrad. student of Urban Planning, AUTh)
  3. What lessons can we learn from corona that apply to climate change? – Tonia Nisotaki (MA student of Cultural Management, Panteion)
  4. Some thoughts over COVID-19 pandemicGiannis Ioannidis (Undergraduate student of Physics, NKUA)
  5. Planting Ideas, Planting Hope!Konstantinos Mpalamatsias (Philology student & volunteer of ESN Ioannina)
  6. Earth’s HealingNikolaos Piperakis (Undergraduate student of Agricultural sciences, AUTh)
  7. It’s a global emergency!!!Konstantina Kampakaki (Senior school Teacher)