Celebrating the Publication of Our e-Book on SALTO-Toolbox!

Celebrating the Publication of Our e-Book on SALTO-Toolbox!

We are excited to share the wonderful news that the innovative educational resource ““ERMIScom Addendum – Companion Of Non-Formal Education Methods And Activities”, created by EKO in the context of ERMIScom project, has gained recognition and been published on SALTO-Toolbox, the prominent platform-reference for youth workers and non-formal education practitioners across Europe!

The ERMIScom Addendum is a compilation of 60 non -formal education activities that can be applied in the context of Higher Education as part of the formal curriculum in the fields of Journalism, Media & Communication, targeting a broad range of media literacy-, intercultural-, as well as innovation and creativity skills.

The inclusion of ERMIScom Addendum on SALTO-Toolbox is a testament to its exceptional quality, relevance, and potential to empower and inspire professionals working in the youth and Media education sectors.

Click here to access the Addendum on Salto-Toolbox: