The non profit organisation EΚO “Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Group” was established in 2013 and it is based in Athens, Greece.

The mission of EKO is to work with like minded people, other organisations, public and private bodies and networks in order to:

  • enhance youth empowerment
  • promote gender equity and reinforce women’s position in the market and entrepreneurship
  • create and utilize tools for youth employability and youth entrepreneurship
  • strengthen social inclusion and integration
  • fight against social stereotypes, racism,  xenophobia and radicalisation
  • fight for the human rights of vulnerable groups of the population
  • work for active and decent ageing
  • sensitize youth to work as volunteers and become active members of civil society
  • contribute to the protection of the planet and the ecosystems
  • work for resilient urban and rural environments
  • foster creativity and innovation in the educational, employment and cultural sector
  • promote good practices in social economy.

EKO is represented by experienced professionals -all women- from various disciplines who are committed to making a difference.

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