EKO is active also in what concerns the internship process.

Nowadays, the labour market requires more and more competences. Youth are demanded to have already experiences in the field without getting the opportunity to cope with it.

That is why EKO supports the internship process – voluntarily or through university agreements – in order to give students the tools to develop and enhance their working skills.

One of the fundamental milestone of EKO is to give trainees the responsibility to work in a friendly and productive environment, allowing them to experience real practice on-the-field, to acquire expertise and know-how.

If you do want to collaborate with us, you will get the chance to deal with Erasmus+ projects (including writing proposal, monitoring and evaluation of approved projects). Moreover, among your tasks you will also have the opportunity to deal with the social media management, in order to understand all the shades of the NGO environment, and to be involved in advocacy activities.

Among our activities to give more internships opportunities, we are currently carrying on an agreement with the University of Bologna – Alma Mater Studiorum. Surely, we are always looking forward to establishing new partnership with other Universities.

Are you a person willing to learn how to work with an NGO? Are you propositional and willing to apport an efficient contribution to our NGO? Contact us on our e-mail (you can find it in the top bar, or in the Home page) and check with us our internship positions.

Stay well, and stay safe!

EKO Team