(Demo)cracy, The Power is in You(r)th Hands

Youth Exchange 13/06/2024 – 20/06/2024 in Tykocin, Poland

EKO is happy to announce that one more amazing youth exchange has been completed successfully. The project “(DEMO)CRACY” united 30 youth workers from Poland, Georgia, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, and Portugal. The training was organized by the Polish organization Youth Human Impact and took place in Tykocin  (Poland) from 13 to 20 June 2024. 


Aims & Objectives of the project 


The aim of the youth exchange “(DEMO)CRACY” was to renew faith in democracy by developing common results by young people who might lose hope in it during the Covid-19 pandemic where restrictions -were imposed by governments- have impacted personal and civil liberties. 


More specifically the objectives were:

  • Increasing knowledge of basic issues regarding democratic system;
  • Raising awareness of the key influence that young people have regarding democratic life & their own future in the society;
  • Development of soft skills, i.e. communication, time management, leadership, team work; 
  • Increasing participants’ involvement in participating in democratic life and taking social initiatives; 
  • Familiarizing participants with the Youth Participation Strategy and thus renewing young people’s trust in the democratic system;
  • Improving the skills of creating online content (Social Campaign, TikTok, Podcasts)


Workshops & Activities of the project 


Through this project, participants had the opportunity to work with a non-formal methodology on the topic of democracy. Through non- formal education activities and workshops, the participants had the opportunity to work with other motivated youngsters from different countries! Exchanging ideas, points of view to finally share common observations – that’s exactly what created the best & objective results!

Participants learned the basics about democracy, by doing interesting & “into-action” workshops! They tried their skills in different types of simulations, because the best way to gain knowledge is to try it by “stepping into someone else’s shoes”! Also they created digital elements of social communication such as: Social Campaign, Podcasts & TikTok contents. Youth Exchanges are of course also about Cultural Exchange! That’s why participants got to know new cultures & traditions with intercultural nights.

It is an amazing opportunity and a great experience for EKO’s team


Angeliki, Maria, Alexandros, Christina and Kostas were the amazing Greek team members whom we want to thank for all their contributions and collaboration throughout the project!


As EKO, we are very grateful for that amazing opportunity given to the Greek team. We thank our Polish partner Youth Human Impact and the members of the hosting organization for all their hard work and for creating such an impactful project!

Thank you – Ευχαριστούμε – Dziękuję