Digital green revolution 

Training Course 05/05/2024 – 12/05/2024 in Butterfly Valley, Fethiye, Türkiye

EKO is happy to announce that one more amazing training course has been completed successfully. The project “Digital Green Revolution” united 20 young participants from Turkey, Greece, Lithuania, Sweden, Romania, and Spain. It was organized by the Turkish organization Actio Türkiye and took place in Butterfly Valley, Fethiye (Türkiye) from 05 to 12 May 2024. 

Aims & Objectives of the project 

The aim of the youth exchange “Digital Green Revolution” was to leverage digital skills to enhance youth work and activism in a rapidly evolving world. Emphasizing critical thinking, digital presence, and communication, youth workers aim to maximize their impact, broaden audiences, and foster partnerships. 

More specifically the objectives:

  • A key aspect is digital and social media marketing, exploring channels to raise awareness about youth work and social issues. 
  • Addressing the urgent need for climate action by empowering youth to create digital materials and campaigns promoting sustainable living. 
  • The goal was not only to build competencies but also to directly apply them, making a positive impact and raising awareness among young people.

Workshops & Activities of the project 

Through this project, participants had the opportunity to work with a non-formal methodology in a beautiful scenery near the sea. They had group sessions and discussions, where participants worked in small groups, in pairs and together with the whole team. They had many workshops for skill development that helped youth workers to acquire practical skills and knowledge. Also, participants got the chance to explore the beautiful area of Fethiye, located in the southern cost of Turkey in a study visit that was organized. Of course, intercultural night was organized where participants had the opportunity to share traditions and customs. During the project, youth workers also exchanged information about their organizations, with the hope of future collaborations. 

It is an amazing opportunity and a great experience for EKO’s team

Konstantinos, Spyridoula, Eirini, and Theofanis were the amazing Greek team members whom we want to thank for all their contributions and collaboration throughout the project!

As EKO, we are very grateful for that amazing opportunity given to the Greek team. We thank our Turkish partner  Actio Türkiye and the members of the hosting organization for all their hard work and for creating such an impactful project!

Thank you – Ευχαριστούμε – Teşekkürler