Digital skill-up: from 0 to 10 in a nutshell 

LTT (Learning, Training and Teaching), 25 October – 29 October 2021

EKO is happy to announce that the LTT within the context of Jovid19 has been successfully completed. The project “Digital Skill-Up: From 0 to 10 in a Nutshell” has brought together 36 participants from Spain, Greece, Turkey, Romania, and Lithuania. It has been coordinated by the Belgian Organisation YouthPoAktiv and took place in Madrid, Spain from 25 of October to 29 of October 2021.

The aim of the project was to develop digital skills with an entrepreneurial mindset, reinforcing creativity and employability

Aims & Objectives

During 5 days, the participants from 5 different countries had the opportunity to

  1. Increased digital competencies&skills
  1. Increased theirs entrepreneurial mindset, skills&competencies
  2. Increased their perceptions as innovative problem-solvers of the negative consequences brought by COVID-19, together with possibilities&opportunities brought by COVID-19 and their proactive role in them unleashing them

Workshops & Activities

During these 5 days of the project, the participants got the chance to take part in a series of interactive and creative workshops, discussions, team-building, cultural visits, short-film makings, and generally non-formal education activities. Everyday a daily evaluation was conducted.

Day 1

The first day has begun with a speed dating, to give the opportunity to the participants to learn each other’s name and to share with each other which were fears, expectations and contributions to the project. Then, the CEO of YouthProAktiv – Paloma Cantero – presented the project objectives and duration, as well as introduced her team. The training continued with a session led by Tono Escudero (#0259 Film) who explained to the participants the various techniques to record and to take shooting, giving some time to the participants to practise themselves.

Finally, during the second part of the day, the participants got to know the available editing programs on the market, with some time for practicing.

Day 2

The second day has begun with a technical approach on how to make a video look interesting and fascinating, through the additions of graphics and icons. Afterwards, a session has concerned also how to make a video become viral. All these activities required the participants to be involved and to work in groups.

In the afternoon, participants has been required to use their creativity while working in pairs to show how they would have develop their own narrative to express an idea through a video. Right after, they have been working on how to make this idea being concrete.

Day 3

The third day of the training has been devoted to music, sound effects and soundtracks.

The participants have been discovering all the platforms where they can finds the music online, and how to apply these soundtracks to the video to make it more intriguing. Furthermore, they have been practicing on the importance to use the sound effects to make the video real.

The second part of the day was connected with intellectual property and copyrights. The participants have learnt the risks of promoting something covered by copyrights and how to protect their own creation.

Finally, the day ended with the visit to ImpacHub, an innovative space where coworking is possible & innovation is the day to day!

Day 4

The fourth day of the training started with the amelioration of the participants’ CV and how to promote themselves online through platform like LinkedIn, etc.

The morning session has been followed by an introduction of one of the main goal of the project – i.e. an App. The App is under the designing and implementation process led by on of the partners’consortium, ImagineApp.

During the afternoon, the participants had an online meeting firstly with Soraya Bravo Project Manager of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belux who explained all the available projects for labour market accessibility, especially in the context of entrepreneurship. Then, the participants had the chance to meet online Alejandro Gil, founder and visual translator of Aleliste, who presented his personal journey to become an entrepreneur.

Day 5

The last day of the project begun with the presentation of the selected projects from each of the organisations.

Stefano Esposito, member of EKO and part of the Greek team, had the chance to promote and present his business idea in front of all the audience.

At the end of the presentations, the participants were divided in their national teams and they worked firstly on the Swot analysis and on Business Canva, and finally on the production of a video for the selected business ideas.


The last part of the training was divided in two setions:

  • in a first phase, the participants showed to the group their “teasers”
  • while in the second phase, there has been an introduction on how to conduct a proper social media campaign – another of the main objectives of the project itself.