Empowering NEETs across Europe: a peer learning approach.

The last meeting for this training has come to an end. This time, all the participants, came to Greece to implement the activities they had created in Slovenia. For five days, youth workers and Neets worked together to test the effectiveness of the non-formal activities in a creative and informative way.


The objectives of this mobility were:


1. Pilot the effectiveness of the developed Toolkit for youth workers and its comprehension knowledge, examples of best practices, non-formal education activities, and recommendations.


2. Provide direct training for Neets increasing digital, economic, social, and democratic capacity for activation.


Every day the youth worker of each organization had to present their non-formal activity and the participating Neets took part in them. At the end of each activity, everyone gave feedback to improve the quality and effectiveness of the activities.


For the digital empowerment of Neets, youth workers prepared seminars about digital tools, and job fairs and they presented a website with a variety of job offers. On the second day, they focused on economic empowerment by learning how to prepare the perfect CV, how to improve their soft skills, how to create their own start-up company, and how to sell their products in local bazaars. The next topic was social empowerment and for that, Neets joined a theater club, a world café, support meetings for struggling youth, and open discussions while doing art activities. On the fourth day of this training, the activities related to democratic empowerment. For this topic, youth workers prepared an informative presentation about fake news and how to recognize it, they presented a documentary about gender equality, and they made a parliament simulation. On the last day of the training, all the participants together created videos to disseminate the activities.


It is safe to say that the training was full of activities and at the end of the day, all participants left with new knowledge, motivation and some of them with new business plans.