RECAP PRESS RELEASE of the Erasmus+ KA2 Proejct ”STEP-UP”

31-05-2022 – 01-06-2024  in  Athens, Greece

Sustainability skills and entrepreneurial mind set to foster migrant women’s employability and upskilling possibilities in  Athens, Greece.


The dynamic project ”Step Up” is coming to an end. EKO Greece accomplished the ”STEP UP” 5-day piloting workshop in which sixteen migrant women participated and strengthened their professional skills. The participants gained knowledge regarding the management of various employment topics, such as the creation of CV and cover letter and the preparation for a job interview. In addition, migrant women were informed about workers rights, were consulted about a  range of  related-employment topics such tips for asking for a pay rise, having a suitable dress code in an interview, negotiating a day off, tips for their first day at work and also the importance of being punctual in an interview.


Aims & Objectives of the project


The aim of the project ”STEP UP” is to support migrant women in strengthening their employability skills, encouraging their awareness of the importance of upskilling possibilities, and promoting skills and qualification recognition. The main target of the dynamic project ”STEP UP” is to  encourage migrant women to enhance their motivation for improvement, using entrepreneurial mindset and sustainability skills and support skills identification. STEP UP project’s purpose is to provide migrant women with the opportunity to grow their employability and communication skills,  learn teamwork skills, boost their confidence and ability for innovation, and bring up sustainable thinking. All in all, the project’s target is to raise migrant women’s awareness of the importance of lifelong learning possibilities.


The objectives of ”STEP UP” are:

  • Increasing adult educators’ readiness to work with migrant women and in understanding their barriers and specific needs
  • Defining new ways to support migrant women in showcasing their skills and aim at better qualification or job position
  • Offering a solid quality learning possibility to foster women’s competences, making them more competitive on the actual labour market
  • Offering a new way to assess skills using EU level and widely recognised frameworks to offer skills in a way that is easy to assess and observe
  • Increasing partners’ ability to tackle some of the barriers that still prevent migrant women to access upskilling / educational possibilities
  • Enlarging partners lifelong learning offer by preparing the STEP UP program and skills assessment
  • Increasing educators’ capacity to blend both formal and non-formal education elements to offer a more flexible and tailored approach to migrant women specifically


Manuals and  Workshop of the project


”Step up” results and accomplishments are:


  • Transnational Partner Meetings
  • Project Result 1 – Handbook – all the partners contributed  equally
  • Project Result 2 – Guidebook/ Manual for Educators – all the partners contributed  equally
  • Piloting  Workshop
  • Multiplier Event – Dissemination Event – Spread the project results


EKO’s workshop which took place from 29th January to 2nd February 2024 was a success! This piloting workshop provided sixteen migrant women with the opportunity to acquire first-hand information about the job market. An influential workshop that coached a diverse group of sixteen women to obtain employment qualifications, advance their skills, and have growth career opportunities.


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