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Dear friend,

congratulations on your interest to apply for a volunteering program abroad!

Your participation will be an unforgettable and life-changing experience… Volunteering abroad puts you out of the comfort and into the excitement zone! This experience gives you the chance to acquire essential skills and competences for your socio-cultural and professional development and your growth as a person and a citizen.

This application form will help us understand your motivation and interest for taking part in this volunteering project abroad. Please fill out this form carefully and answer all the following questions. Answers have to be in ENGLISH

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For any information or support you may need please contact us at:

PLACE: Krasnodar, Russia
DATE: March 2022 – September 2022


INSURANCE: The volunteer will be cover by a Cigna Group Medical and Non-Medical Insurance Plan that is covered by found of ESC project.

TRAVEL: For grant support to travel costs in the ESC programme, travel distances must be calculated using the distance calculator (