First TPM in Italy – PEC (Employ Yourself in Culture)

⚡️We are happy to announce that EKO is working hard in the context of an interesting, promising, and creative project “Podcast Employ yourself in Culture” – PEC, as one of the partners of a new European consortium consisting of: the coordinator “Asociación Cultural Integra” from Spain, “Mosaic Politismos & Dimiourgikotita” from Greece, three Italian partners “Associazione Italy Meets Indonesia”, “Associazione Arte Cultura e Sanità ETS”, “STEPP
Strategie Servizi Sviluppo srl”, and “Cultural Hub” from Croatia.
🎙The project aims to promote awareness among young people about employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the cultural sector through a podcast and interviews in video format, which will be available to the public, through a website and social networks. The project intends to face the challenge posed by the high youth unemployment rate in the project’s partner countries, as well as to highlight the importance of European cultural heritage while giving a boost to the cultural sector.
🎬A successful first international partners meeting took place at the beginning of June in Florance, Italy. Currently, all partners are busy elaborating on the first results of the project: Video interviews with cultural professionals!
🎯You may ask “what about the #podcast?” The project will deliver
several results: Video interviews with cultural professionals and later on – Podcast episodes on employment and entrepreneurship in culture! We are looking forward to the successful and impactful implementation of PEC!
keywords of PEC!
#staytuned for PEC! We are sure you do not want to miss the results!