Hybrid Education 4 Youth Workers

Training course 25/06/2021 – 01/07/2021 in Timisoara, Romania

The project Hybrid Education 4 Youth Workers: a mobility project for 18 youth workers from 4 different countries – Romania, Greece, Czech Republic, and Albania. The project addresses the problem of youth unemployment and social exclusion among disadvantaged young people and seeks to build on the existent methodologies & entrepreneurship programs to create more sustainable supportive services for entrepreneurship development as additional means to answer the identified problem.

Specific objectives:


Training of 18 youth workers from partner organizations, on the topic of entrepreneurship, during 25/6 – 1/7 2021, with a view to develop their knowledge and skills in delivering sustainable supportive services for entrepreneurship development to disadvantaged youth.

  • Development of partner organizations capabilities in addressing youth unemployment and social exclusion through exchange of knowledge, work practices and strategies in the field of youth entrepreneurship by developing an international training program.

The training program was held between 25/6 till 1/7 2021 and supported the youth workers from the partner countries in developing and exchanging effective methods to reach marginalized young people, developed their knowledge and skills to create, implement and promote effective support activities in the field of entrepreneurship education responding to the current shortcomings at the level of disadvantaged young people. Mobility also contributed to creating new educational programs in the field of youth and opening new directions in empowering young people and promoting self-employment as a method of social inclusion and combating unemployment and implicitly increasing the degree of involvement of young people in training through more attractive, integrated and multilateral development programs in our communities that incorporate life skills training, business skills development, coaching & networking.

EKO is very proud to announce that has taken part in one more youth workers mobility project. The project took place in Timisoara, Romania. The project was coordinated by the Hybrid Sport & Education Association and carried out in partnership with EKO (Greece), ICM (Czech Republic) and Vlora University (Albania).

The training program includes supportive services for entrepreneurship development covering topics that we found essential for our current contexts: 


  1. Process of entrepreneurship development – Life skills approach – aims to identify how does training in life skills benefit disadvantaged young people. The main topics addressed in this session cover: life skills definition, identification of young people skill sets and needs, basic elements of life skills training in disadvantaged youngsters, swot analysis and personal development plan.


  1. Process of entrepreneurship development – Business skills approach -aims to share ideas and knowledge about how the partner organizations are incorporating business skills development in their own organizations facilitating peer to peer learning between the participants. Youth workers will be involved in co-creation of main elements of a business skills curricula according to their previous experience and their organizations experiences and they will draw up on similarities, differences and best practices. As part of peer learning, the participants will draft a training format for a specific topic. The participants will also be involved in a study visit to Incuboxx where they will learn about business incubator in Romania, ensure networking with young entrepreneurs, find out ways to adapt and facilitate incubators concepts in youth work and entrepreneurship development programs.


  1. Process of entrepreneurship development – Coaching&Networking approach -aims to develop participants knowledge  and skills related to follow up services to support youngsters in their entrepreneurial journey. This part of the program will introduce the participants into the coaching concepts in the process of entrepreneurship development approaching topics such as: what is coaching, needs of youngsters coming from disadvantaged background, coaching techniques in business. The other part of the session is concentrated on the concept of business networking: benefits and types of business networking, how to attract stakeholders to support disadvantaged youngsters and involves also the development of a public networking event  (a round table) in the local community aiming to engage and connect youth workers with the local community in Timisoara, share opinions and learn new perspectives, where we will invite to participate: local authorities, representatives of businesses sector, young entrepreneurs, business training centers gathered to discuss and debate about supportive services for youngsters entrepreneurship development.


Actions under the HYBRID EDUCATION 4  YOUTH WORKERS project will have positive and long-lasting effects on participants and participating organizations as well as on young people who will benefit from the support and guidance of youth workers.


The main results are related to the improvement of the quality of life of disadvantaged young people in different aspects: social, economic, and educational through:


  • Opening new approaches in the field of entrepreneurship education among young people, development opportunities for disadvantaged young people with effect in their training, and increasing interest in self-employment.
  • The documentation, the work methodology, the mobility results, and the ascertained conclusions will be made available to the specialists in the field of youth and will constitute the starting point for the quality and innovation of the youth work.
  • Collaborations with other international organizations with similar concerns, knowledge exchange, transfer of good practices, and peer learning.
  • In the implementation of the project objectives, 18 youth workers are involved and the knowledge and work skills will be transferred within our organizations.
  • Creating new educational programs in the field of youth opens new directions in empowering young people and promoting self-employment as a method of social inclusion and combating unemployment.
  • Increasing the degree of involvement of young people in training through more attractive, integrated, and multilateral development programs in our communities.
  • Increasing synergies with other organizations by taking over networking techniques to support entrepreneurship among young people and to develop new, innovative processes and actions to support marginalized young people.
  • Creating a team of internationally trained youth workers able to address current youth issues and continue to professionally develop and respond to the most emergent youth needs. 

The Greek team was fully active, energetic and motivated during the entire project and had a great time in Timisoara!


Dimitris, Ioanna, Vasilis and Kitty are back in Greece with new and developed entrepreneurial skills and they are ready to share their knowledge and experiences! Cheers to you guys!