What we did so far


Local Training on  Citizen Journalism


All partners delivered training on citizen journalism to local youth (e.g. young people with fewer opportunities) in Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Albania, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia in April-May 2023.

We managed to engage 170 participants in the three-day training focused on media literacy, combating fake news and disinformation, creating journalistic content and exploring ways of community engagement.

International Academy on Citizen Journalism for Youth


During the second week of September 2023 the Citizen Journalism Academy for youth leaders took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. 33 active young people were gathered to learn about media literacy with the goal of promoting community engagement.

This academy’s main purpose was to educate young people in citizen journalism and new media technologies by presenting innovative tools and practices. This allowed participants to develop critical thinking and communicative skills to adopt a participatory attitude towards the reality they face in their countries. In addition, this event gave the perfect possibility for cultural exchange and networking between the different partner organizations and their participants, providing knowledge about the reality and challenges faced in different parts of Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East. It is important to mention that most of the participants already occupy an important social role within their communities in dimensions such as politics, law, journalism or technology, ensuring that the knowledge acquired during the project will reach and benefit the local populations. All the academy members were granted a formal diploma that states their participation in an Erasmus+ Programme and the knowledge acquired. This collaborative effort under the JOUR-YOU project holds the promise of making a meaningful impact in addressing contemporary societal challenges.

Online Course on Citizen Journalism

The Online Course on Citizen Journalism for young people is now published in 7 different languages: English, Bulgarian, Italian, French, Arabic, Greek and Albanian. By enrolling in the course citizen journalism enthusiasts can enrich their knowledge on the following topics:

1. The Definition and History of Citizen Journalism
2. Citizen Journalism as a tool for Community Engagement
3. Leadership on How to Build Audience Engagement
4. Fake News and Disinformation – Strategies for Identification
5. Creating Content Online and Reporting Events
6. Active Participation through Online Presence
7. Platforms, Networking and User-Generated Content

Training toolkit for youth workers on media literacy

The JOUR-YOU Toolkit on Citizen Journalism is now published in 7 different languages: English, Bulgarian, French, Italian, Albanian, Greek and Arabic. The toolkit presents accessible methods and techniques by which youth workers can introduce young people to the basic principles of citizen journalism and media literacy. 

Through carefully selected role-playing games combined with already developed methods to stimulate critical e-thinking, decision-making and teamwork, trainees will step by step enter into a deeper understanding of media literacy and citizen journalism and learn how to put into practice their main principles and elements. 

The focus falls on building skills to search and process information, detect and recognise fake news, create content and distribute it through social media and other traditional channels. Special attention is paid to building leadership skills and communication with specific audiences, as well as the development of an ethical position on important societal topics and issues. 

What We Are Doing Now


We are welcoming all young people (up to 30 years old) interested in citizen journalism to take part in the Citizen journalism international competition for young people

In order to participate in the contest, citizen journalism enthusiasts must create and send us a journalistic material focused on a certain topic that they consider important. Participants can join the competition with a material that was created in the past year. They can also apply with a material that is already published (or planned to be published) in traditional, social or digital media. Materials for the contest should be sent to: from 15.09.2023 to 14.11.2023. Learn more about the rules for participation in the competition.

Only young people from the countries Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Albania, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia are allowed to join the competition. The winner from each of these countries will be invited to participate in the International Youth Conference, part of JOUR-YOU project. The conference will be held in Athens, Greece in March 2024. The winners will be awarded at the conference. The costs for participation in the conference will be covered by the organizers.

Our Next Activities


The following JOUR-YOU Multiplier Events are yet to come: 

  • 7 Promotional meetings in partner countries
  • International youth conference (Athens, Greece) – March 2024

Empowering Youth,

Building a Better Future!


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