JOUR-YOU Final Youth Conference

The final youth conference – part of the implementation of the Erasmus+ co-funded project JOUR-YOU: Citizen Journalism Academy for Youth – is going to be held on March 21, 2024, in Athens, Greece. The main goal of the conference is to introduce the results of the project and engage young people, youth workers, civil society organizations, journalists, media, content moderators, policymakers, and everyone interested in the topics of citizen journalism and youth engagement in a meaningful dialogue to help us address the disinformation phenomenon.

The JOUR-YOU project was implemented for 2 years between 2022 and 2024. During this period youth workers and young people (directly and indirectly) involved in the project were empowered by improving their media knowledge and skills to critically evaluate sensational content, act as media literacy advocators, and further impact their local communities when facing, recognizing, and reporting fake news. A series of open educational resources, local trainings, multiplier events, and an exciting international academy for youth leaders held in Sofia, Bulgaria helped participants improve their confidence when consuming news, creating media content and educating others on fake news detection. Great youth engagement was clearly shown during the Citizen Journalism International Competition for Young People joined by more than 80 enthusiasts. What’s more, the topic of citizen journalism proved to be highly valued both by young people from European and South Mediterranean countries.

The final JOUR-YOU event will be joined by representatives of all partner organizations included in the consortium of the project, namely:

 Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Culture and Education (FECE) – Bulgaria, Lead Partner
 People In Focus (PIF) – Albania
 Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Group (EKO) – Greece
 Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights (MAAT) – Egypt
 EUROSUD – Italy
 East and West Center for Sustainable Development (WE Center) – Jordan
 Association Euro-Med EVE – Tunisia

A special award ceremony will also take place during the conference, as young people from all partner countries will be awarded for their exceptional citizen journalism materials chosen as winning during the international competition. The final youth conference will take place in the Novus Hotel in Athens on 21 March 2024. The consortium of JOUR-YOU: Citizen Journalism Academy for Youth sincerely invites everyone interested to attend the event.

Empowering Youth,

Building a Better Future!


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