On January 27-28, 2021 the project’s Kick-Off meeting was successfully implemented as a virtual conference due to the unpredictable circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 12 people (2 representatives for each NGO and 3 representatives from YEU Cyprus and EKO) took part in this meeting, and specifically the project coordinator(s) of each partner, one self-employed/ entrepreneur from each partner country, and in the case of the Coordinator, YEU Cyprus, there also the Quality Manager.

The goals of this meeting were:

– To make sure the partners understand their roles and responsibilities;

– Explain all of the guidelines for the implementation of the project received by the National Agency;

– To start analyzing the objectives of the 1st learning event and start preparing its activities.

– To discuss the procedure of selecting participants & to create the Questionnaire for the open call

– To make sure that the members of each partner organization are well aware of their roles and

the tasks their organizations should deliver;

– To create an evaluation plan of all phases of the project

During the Kick-Off meeting each partner presented the results of their research regarding the general situation in their country with respect to self-employed and freelance entrepreneurs, the national taxation system, the challenges and benefits compared with the non-self-employed, as well as various support mechanisms and initiatives supporting new entrepreneurial endeavours.

For the partners presentations, click on the links below:

Self-employment in Cyprus

Self-employment in Greece

Self-employment in Italy

Self-employment in Portugal

Self-employment in Slovakia


Moreover, during the project’s Kick-off meeting, the following decisions were taken:

  1. Virtual VS Physical 1st Learning event in April

– All partners suggested extending the project as a whole rather than implement the 1st learning event virtually. It has been agreed that by the end of February the final decision will be made.  YEU Cyprus announced that they will communicate with the National Agency to get their recommendation.

  1. Dissemination system

– A facebook group will be created with all the participants, during the week following the Kick-Off meeting

– A template shared with all partners via Google Drive regarding communication channels & social media tags will be uploaded

– In order for everyone to have the same visual representation when they share the project’s results the Logo of the project will also be included, , during the week following the Kick-Off meeting.  A folder has been created in the Google Drive for all partners to upload their logos as well. 

– EKO Greece shared their previously successful method of recording and supporting all partners’ dissemination efforts with YEU to consider using it. YEU welcomed this proposal and will try to embed this system into the Dissemination plan of the project.

  1. Learning Events’ Trainers and Activities

– Partners were given a timeframe of 2 weeks to think whether someone from their organisation could collaborate with YEU’s trainers to provide input on the program of activities of the 1st Learning Event.  Then, internal meetings will be organised with the trainer in order to enrich and complete all activities.