Youth Finance Academy

PROJECT SUMMARY: COVID-19 is painfully exposing the existing and persisting health, social and economic inequalities in our societies. This pandemic has the heaviest impact on the lives of people living in deprivation or facing difficult socio-economic circumstances. The constant threat of financial crisis has made it crucial to address the need for financial literacy educational programs. Without it, people fail to make the right decisions. As it affects everybody, it covers all demographics, all geographies, and all cultures, the involvement of youth workers, educators and educational leaders as the frontline staff is essential to help young people and young entrepreneurs build financial literacy – money knowledge, skills, and habits at key transitional moments. We believe that today’s youth should become empowered economic citizens, capable of understanding the importance of saving, to be equipped with the skills to be employed and create their livelihoods. By empowering youth, we can help them transfer their knowledge to their families and to entire communities.

PLACE AND DATE: Trakai, Lithuania – 31/05 – 5/06 2022 (6 days)
TRAVEL DATES: 30/05 (arrival)/     06/06 (departure)
PARTICIPANTS:22  (3 per country from each organization)

** The project covers 100% of accommodation, meals, local transportation and travel tickets (based on Erasmus+ Distance Calculator: maximum 275 EUROS for a round trip).

COUNTRIES: Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Norway, Romania
LANGUAGE: The working language will be English


– To create a learning environment for 22 youth workers and future financial education trainers from 8 European organizations to become financially literate, understand the key-concepts and finance psychology, develop their core competencies, and feel confident managing their own finances.
– The TC is designed to make the participants confident and well-prepared to use the toolbox and the game during DEOR local workshops.
– To provide access to up-to-date resources and professional development opportunities to ensure the trainees they can deliver high-quality interventions for YP/YE.
– To discover how to use gamification mechanics and digital financial education resources to implement accessible, flexible and engaging learning opportunities
– To explore practical ways to mentor, motivate and inform about financial resources the young people and young entrepreneurs
– To build a common understanding of the training approaches, contents, and tools used and ensure a very practical perspective to the training materials developed jointly.