Lusco Fusco

LUSCO FUSCO : YOUTH EXCHANGE, 11-18 September 2019

EKO`s team returned ecstatic and full of unforgettable experiences from Ourense, Spain after their participation in the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Lusco Fusco” !!
“Lusco Fusco”, took place from 11-18 September 2019 and was coordinated by the Spanish Organization Mobility Sustinea. The Youth Exchange united 30 young participants from Greece, Spain and Portugal with the aim to generate a space for the exchange of experiences and for reflection on different environmental initiatives and projects, to address environmental problems and promote sustainable growth.
The project had a special focus on fires that are devastating the forests of Greece, Galicia, and Portugal in recent years. In parallel this exchange offered a large variety of activities which promoted active citizenship, intercultural dialogue and social integration.
Everyday was a new challenge and a source of new knowledge and amazing experiences for our 10 participants!


On the first day the participants got to know each other and the partner organizations, and started examining project’s subject with a workshop on forest fires.

They also got to explore the surrounding area and enjoyed some canoeing time in the nearby lake!

The night closed with the best way, as the participants enjoyed discovering each other’s culture, customs and cuisine!


On the second day things got more serious!! In the morning, the young participants learned about the flora and fauna, to be prepared for their mission in the next day’s “Biodiversity Recognition” Hiking, as well as the dangers of forest fires for many of these species.
In the afternoon they got their hands dirty (literally!) and were introduced, in practice, to the Nendo Dango method. Nendo Dango is a reforestation method that uses clay seed “bombs”, which are scattered in an area, in order to reintroduce vegetation in that area.

Thus, if you go hiking in Reserve of Gerês-Xuŕes, in Ourense, in 10 years, you might be lucky enough to bump into one of the rare “Lusco Fusco” trees!


This was the day everyone was waiting for! The team went hiking to search for animal trails in the Reserve of Gerês-Xurés.

Thanks to the spectacular beauty of the area and the experienced guides, the participants learned many useful things about the Biosphere of the area, reconnected with nature, and lived an experience they will be telling their children!


After the whole day hiking and a good night’s sleep, it was Puxedo’s turn! The team visited the graphic village of Puxedo to offer their volunteer work and connect with the local community. Three years ago, Sustinea implemented forest plating activities in the area. It was Lusco Fusco participants who got the responsibility to observe the results and do some maintenance work!

As a reward for their hard work, the young participants enjoyed a hot bath in Rio Caldo thermal springs!
In the evening they were offered local plates and enjoyed their dinner with the magical views of Puxedo.


On the 5th day Lusco Fusco Adventurers spent their morning with construction work! In particular, they learned how to build refuges for bats, birds and insects in a way that mimics the natural spaces each species uses to nest. Combining their newly gained technical knowledge with dexterity and creativity, the participants created their own refuges, which are of vital importance for recolonizing burned areas.

What can one say? Home, sweet home!


The final day of the program was devoted to evaluation, reflection, connection and some relaxation.
The participants could discuss their impressions from the project, reflect on their experiences, get informed about the Youthpass completion and enjoy some leisure time with their new best friends!

Thank you Susana R. Fariña and Mobility Sustinea for making this project happen and offering our participants an amazing educational experience and lots of wonderful memories!
And of course, thank you members of team Greece, for being such open-minded, motivated, passionate and active participants and for giving to the project’s backbone a heart!