International Alliance for Peace and Development

About the Alliance The International Alliance for Peace and Development is a group of non-governmental organizations from around the world who have agreed to play an active to support peace and development issues and have converged on a common working agenda based on universal human values, principles of coexistence, and universality of human rights. The Alliance is based on the international human rights instruments adopted by the United Nations General Assembly and the recommendations and interpretations of the international mechanisms emanating from these instruments and mechanisms based on the Charter of the United Nations. The Alliance also complies with the decisions of the UN bodies on international peace ,security issues, and Sustainable development. The coalition gained official organizational character through its founding meeting held at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva on 28 February 2018 on the sidelines of the 37th session of the Human Rights Council. Currently, the Alliance has 40 members representing the continents of Africa, Europe and Asia.

The Vision A world without violence, hatred, fanaticism or extremism and an effective international partnership for peace and sustainable development.

The Mission The Alliance seeks to promote peace, support sustainable development across the world, combat hatred, violence and extremism, to work effectively with UN mechanisms and actors around the world to achieve its vision within a framework of coordinated action, integration and cooperation.

The Objectives 1. Promote respecting human rights and strengthening communication with international mechanisms to protect of human rights 2. Support various UN and regional bodies 3. Contribute to the improvement of sustainable peace policies throughout the world 4. Build a global culture against violence, hate speech and extremism, and supporting peace, dialogue, tolerance and acceptance of the other 5. Provide a platform for dialogue, cultural exchange and cultural integration 6. Support UN, international and regional bodies in achieving sustainable development goals by 2030

The Mechanisms 1. Launching forums, conferences and dialogue platforms 2. Exchanging experiences 3. Organizing activities, joint projects and attracting donors and development partners 4. Communicating with various UN agencies 5. Communicating with policymakers around the world 6. Preparing reports, studies, research and providing sources of information

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