Youth-Network of European and Mediterranean Organizations



The vision of Y-NEMO is to involve young people in European, Mediterranean and other countries as active citizens


The mission of Y-NEMO is to increase participation of young people in civil society and to promote communication and collaboration of civil societies organizations in European, Mediterranean and other countries on major issues of common concern.


The major goals of Y-NEMO are:

• To fight against violence, xenophobia and extremism
• To confront major youth economic and social issues
• To promote and defend human rights and peace-building
• To reinforce the role of youth in decision process
• To share initiatives, interventions, training and continuous networking on major issues of democratic enhancement

Founding Members (By clicking on the names of the organisation, you may find more information)

1. Arrels I Branques (Spain)
3. East and West Center for Sustainable Development (Jordan)
4. ECOMISSION 21st Century (Bulgaria)
5. EKO (Greece)
6. MAAT for Peace, Development and Human Rights (Egypt)
7. MMS (Poland)
8. SAWTY (Tunisia)
9. Turkive Avrupa Vakfi (Turkey)

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