Nicola Ferretti

Nicola Ferretti is currently attending the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs in EKO. He studied economics and management in the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy. 

He took part in the ESC programme in Lisbon (Portugal) for one year, focusing on the field of project management. Afterwards he was involved in the coordination of international students’ projects, working as a group leader mainly in London and Oxford (UK).
He attended a master in tourism quality management, studying the dynamics of the hospitality industry, beside his working experience in the field, mainly in Europe. He recently attended a four-month training course in web and social media marketing, where he got the chance to analyze and develop new skills in the social media management fields, starting his own blog about traveling and healthy foods, as a hobby.

At the same time, during the last 7 years, he took part in different E+ projects, such as youth exchanges and training courses, mainly as a participant, also facilitating some sessions and workshops especially related to the field of environmental sustainability.

He is a very optimistic person, in love with exploring new cultures, countries and willing to learn something new everyday.
Always suuuper ready to smile 😉