"Path to Success" Youth Exchange, 1-8 July 2019

Our association, EKO Greece, was the Greek partner in the ERASMUS + KA1 Youth Exchange Project ”Path to success” which took place in Vienna, Austria, from 1-8 July 2019, and was organized by our colleagues and friends from the organization PS: EUROPE (Political and Social Research Institute of Europe). This project was a transnational initiative which united thirty-six (36) young people (18+), including their leaders, from six (6) different countries: Austria, Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Spain and Turkey.

The project focused on the importance of developing youngsters’ and youth workers’ soft, leadership and entrepreneurial skills. The participants were involved in non-formal education activities, as workshops, performances and games, through which they had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of which are the soft skills, which are the skills that a good leader should have and how to improve their entrepreneurial skills in order to be more competitive and efficient in the job market.

This project was implemented by the participants themselves on the basis of the non-formal education method: each national team was the moderator of one day, so every national team took up the responsibility to design and coordinate a set of workshops and was in charge of their implementation during their day.









Greece was the moderator of day 3 (3rd July) and introduced the topic of the project. All the members of the international group were able to understand the definition and the importance of soft skills, which are the democratic rights in the labor market and what makes a leader to be successful. 

Then all the teams took the floor: each with a 30 minutes discussing about the education and implementation of soft skills in a national/local/regional level in their country. Later, one by one, they presented the current situation in their country, by giving examples.







In addition, all participants were divided into international groups. They were given instructions and then the game of orientation in the city started. All teams had to find 6 specific spots, take photos and be on time for the next session.









The final session was the evaluation of the day in which all the members worked as individuals but in their already made multinational groups. 

The most exciting part of the day came in the night. 

The anticipated intercultural night was very successful. 

The participants got the chance to know and appreciate each other’s culture through the typical food and drinks they prepared and that moment was cheerful.

Other activities on other days were equally interesting and successful: such as the cultural visit organized by the Turkish, 

Austrian and North Macedonian teams at the Turkish Embassy. In this occasion, all the participants had the opportunity to meet the Ambassador and discuss with him about human rights and leadership skills.

All national moderator teams did their best to create a successful content of the project and the heterogeneous, active and amazing group made the project work through smooth collaboration, fruitful discussions by breaking prejudice and stereotypes. Long term friendships and bonds have been developed, it has been an amazing week thanks to you all!