Permaculture for All


The “Permaculture for all” youth exchange week is over, leaving us with beautiful emotions and unique experiences. The project involved 20 people from Italy, Portugal, Spain and Greece in order to share knowledge about permaculture and practise it’s application at community level. Throughout the week we discovered sustainable, environmentally friendly practices that can change our daily lives and reduce our ecological footprint.

The Organisations involved were:

The project took place in the village of Ordelles, 15 minutes from the city of Ourense in northern Spain. Our stay was at the Pereiro de Aguiar in where we were offered beds inside, as well as comfortable tents outside, for the more adventurous. The inn had multiple bathrooms, as well as a shared kitchen, dining area, and living room. Outside, there was a small garden where vegetables and herbs were cultivated. In the surrounding area of the inn there was a large courtyard, where the activities of the project took place, a place ideal for nature lovers, as the natural environment was strongly felt.

The main goal of the Youth Exchange “Permaculture for All” is to share experiences and knowledge related to Permaculture and sustainable practices in our cities understanding Permaculture as an¬†holistic science of design.

To spread seeds of hope around the world.

Throughout this week we delved into the principles of permaculture, simulated a sustainable community, and made decisions based on socialism. We learned to redesign spaces, to recognize and observe plant species.

We also helped maintain an edible forest in the area that is an example of regenerative agriculture and learned how composting is done to properly manage our food waste. Through the daily energizer games we came closer to each other, took care of ourselves and with wellness activities, meditation and bathing in the hot baths of Ourense we enjoyed the energy of nature at all times.

Our biggest action was the realization of an intercultural event with the locals of the village Ordelles, in which we played games in nature, listened to traditional music, danced and shared traditional recipes of each country, such as handmade Italian pasta!

The project was an unforgettable experience that enabled participants to develop themselves, both individually and collectively, and to learn new practices that will lead them to a sustainable future.

Nikolaos, Dimitra, Antonios, Vasiliki and Anastasios were the members of this amazing Greek team whom we really wanna thank for all their contribution and collaboration throughout the project! 

Special thanks to Marta, Carolina and Zoe from Sustinea in Spain for all their hard work and for creating such an impactful project!