Stivi Siozopoulou

Stivi Siozopoulou is a dynamic professional who firmly believes in the values of female entrepreneurship. She has devoted herself to consistently promoting the role of women in society and the economy. Her first business activity involved importing and distributing raw materials for confectionery. After completing her studies in Public Relations and Marketing, her affection for children and family matters led her to studying psychology and specialising in Educational Psychology. She then founded the nursery station “Alexandros” in Thessaloniki, where she still keeps the position of the managing director until today. Stivi is an active columnist and is actively involved in public discourse in the fields of education, family and pregnancy prevention, female entrepreneurship and environment. She currently holds the position of the Vice Chairman at the THEAGENIO Hospital for Cancer disease and is a member of the Board of the organisation Daughters of Penelope in Thessaloniki. Stivi is the Vice Chairman of EKO. In the past, she has been a Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce in Thessaloniki, as well as a member of the Board of the Centre for Female Issues Ergani.