The Members of the Administrative Board of EKO are education experts, lawyers  and female entrepreneurs devoted to the promotion of social economy and sustainability throughout Europe but especially in countries of Southern Europe which face an economic crisis. The President of EKO is specialized in the field of educational and cultural planning and organisation and was nominated by the European Commission as a European Ambassador for the promotion of Female Entrepreneurship. The Vice President is a pedagogue and female entrepreneur, member of the Board  the Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki. The General Secretary is a  successful lawyer, active member of Athens Bar, city Councillor of the Municipality of Psychikon, one of the largest municipalities of Attica Agglomeration. The Treasurer is a well known economist and successful business woman with a lot of credits for her work as a consultant in international and European projects.

Members of the Administrative Board

Kitty Panourgia – President
Stivi Siozopoulou – Vice President
Laura Arsenis – Treasurer
Eleni Zeppou – General Secretary
Elisavet Vasileiou – Project Manager