Erasmus+ KA205– “Self Employed Entrepreneurs Meet Exchange Get Results & Organize Work” (SEE ME GR&OW)

SEE ME GR&OW is an Erasmus+ KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for Youth project that aims to promote an entrepreneurial mindset and culture among young people, open networking opportunities for business development and facilitate intervention at local and international level through advocacy and effective representation of the self – employed in the decision making.

December 1st 2020 –December 31st  2021


The main deliverable of the project will be the “SEE ME GR&OW Manual”. During the two learning activities, a manual will be created. The manual will include the current situation (where we stand) in terms of challenges, benefits and legal framework for self-employment in each participating country, the suggested changes both locally and in European level (where do we want to go) and the actions that need to be done (how are we going to achieve equal labor rights).

A second important tangible result of the project will be the European network of people and organisations that will be created, in order to ensure the continuation of projects related to the rights of self-employed. This network will be an organised group of people who will act both locally and internationally and advocate through an exchange of best practices for the self-employed rights and equality of opportunity.



Entrepreneurship And Social Economy Group (Greece)



A) Three Transnational Partner Meetings (TPMs):

B) Two Learning Events

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SEE ME GR&OW Manual completed!

SEE ME GR&OW Manual completed!

We are happy to announce that a Manual of good practices has been produced in the context of the Erasmus+…

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