Shaping Through Art

Training Course 12/06/2023 – 16/06/2023 in Aveiro, Portugal

EKO is happy to announce that one more amazing training course  has been successfully completed. The project “Shaping Through Art” united 23 young participants from Portugal, Greece, Estonia, Croatia, Austria, Turkey and Romania. It was organized by the Portuguese organization XX Element Project Associacao Cultural, and took place in Aveiro (Portugal) from 12  to 16 of June 2023. 

Aims & Objectives of the project 

The project aimed to gather youth workers to gain knowledge in gender issues as a priority and a basic condition of a prosperous society. Gender-based harassment continues to register alarming levels. Project was addressed for the professional development of Youth Workers (YW) in the area of gender equality, which uses cinema as an effective and attractive tool. 

More specifically the objectives were:

  • – To deepen the knowledge on gender equality, values and European priorities
  • – To develop technical skills for the use of Non Formal Education (NFE), Informal (EI) and film art in youth work
  • – To develop key Lifelong Learning (LLL) skills to respond to the challenges of youth, namely to respond to the challenges of youth, namely with young people with fewer opportunities.

Workshops & Activities of the project 

Through this project, participants had the opportunity to gain knowledge about the prevalence of gender inequality in Europe and in the World, its consequences, associated challenges and ongoing good practices as well as knowledge about the main European strategies aimed at the outsider for the youth sector and society in general. They raised  awareness of the role of young people, youth workers  and the youth sector in combating gender inequality, and increasing the motivation and preparation of youth workers  to be an outsider into practice. In summary, all team members developed different skills and competencies while acquiring new knowledge. They were able to develop skills such as a sense of initiative, critical thinking, creativity, openness to the outsider and to difference, curiosity, responsibility, autonomy, etc. and essential competences of Lifelong Learning.

An amazing opportunity and great experience for EKO’s team

Maria, Gavriela, Marina, Antoneta and Fatbardha were the members of this amazing Greek team whom we really wanna thank for all their contribution and collaboration throughout the project!

As EKO, we are very grateful for that amazing opportunity given to the Greek team and we thank our partner XX Element Project Associacao Cultural and the members of the hosting organization for all their hard work and for creating such an impactful project!

Thank you – Obrigado – Ευχαριστούμε