Training Course, 11 – 19 July 2022


EKO is happy to announce that one more awesome youth exchange has been successfully completed. The project under the title “Social Economy-Social Values,Social Inclusions” united 30 young participants from Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia Poland Serbia and Hungary. It has been coordinated by the Polish Organization Fundacja Ekonomisja and took place in Wisla, Poland from 11 to 19 of July 2022.

The aim of the project was to equip youth workers with knowledge about Social Economy and the possibility of using its mechanisms to meet social goals and objectives. EKO`s team enjoyed everyday which constituted a different challenge, a source of new knowledge and a pile of amazing experiences for our participants!

Day 1

The first day was rather introductory, including lots of name games, individual presentations of participants, hopes and fears as well as house rules and safety measures. The facilitators talked about the Youthpass and key competences. Furthermore, they presented the topics of social economy where every national team had the chance to talk about their situation upon these subjects.

Day 2

The day included presentations about Social Economy, trust games, team building games and in the evening, it was time for sharing SE cases for each and every country as well as the daily reflection task.

This very same day in the evening, the first intercultural night took place.

Day 3

The day of the ‘’City bound” in Wisla was devoted to the exploration of the surroundings, interact with locals and visiting a social economy business.

In the afternoon, “Blue Ocean” reflection took place and later on the second intercultural night took place.


Day 4

The day that we discussed about Social Economy challenges and then through team-work the project of “Desert Island” took place, where each team had to develop its own social economy business and represent it to the other teams.

In the evening another task took place, under the name of “Problem tree” which was really interesting and interactive.

Another intercultural night took place.


Day 5

The whole day was dedicated to finding the Benefits of Social Economy promotion through tasks and working on groups. An enjoyable activity called “Six hats” took place.

In the evening the participants visited Wisla for the last time in order to make a street survey and asked them two questions:

  1. What is the social economy 
  2. What have they heard about SE

Last intercultural night took place.


Day 6

The day was devoted to the creation of tools for SE promotion. We were separated into groups and worked on the tools. Later on we presented them to the other groups and each team had the chance to have feedback from the others, which was really helpful as we had the chance to make the necessary changes.

It was such an interesting task! In the evening, the participants watched team presentations! Everyone enjoyed watching their creations!! Last but not least, we did another interesting reflection activity called “Delta feedback”


Days 7

The last day was dedicated on making final corrections of the tool and filling out the Youth Pass. In the evening, final evaluation of practical using of tools took place and a final project evaluation. Later on, we had a delicious vegan-barbeque lunch. We did some activities about team bonding and had some time to say a goodbye to our friends.


We as EKO, we are very grateful for that amazing opportunity given to the Greek team – Anna & Pavlos – and we thank our partner Anna Skorewa and all the rest members of the hosting organization Fundacja Ekonomisja for all their hard work and for creating such an impactful project!