Solidarity comp: Promoting youth social participation through solidarity and volunteering competences

Preparatory visit 30/05/2024 – 03/06/2024 in Alqueva (Portel), Portuga

EKO is happy to announce that the preparatory visit has been completed successfully. The visit was an introduction to the project ‘Solidarity comp: Promoting youth social participation through solidarity and volunteering competences’ for the leader and one young participant from each organization. The participating countries were Portugal, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Poland and Romania.. It was organized by the Portuguese organization Associacao Sementes de Esperanca and took place in Alqueva (Portel), (Portugal) from 30 May to 03 June 2024. 


Aims & Objectives of the project 


The aim of the preparatory visit was to prepare the participants and provide all the necessary information for the youth exchange that aims to motivate young Europeans to volunteer as an engine of inclusion and participation. Also, the group leaders had the opportunity to present their organizations and get to know the partners better.


More specifically the objectives were:

  • Motivating young Europeans to volunteer as an engine of inclusion and participation
  • Provide young people with a transnational opportunity for non-formal learning and active
  • participation
  • Make young people aware of the benefits of volunteering
  • To explore volunteering opportunities at local, national and transnational level with young people
  • Develop a set of transversal and essential skills throughout the life of young people, promoting their ability to engage in voluntary actions.


Workshops & Activities of the project 


Through this visit, participants saw the space for the youth exchange and got information about the rules for the proper use of it. They had many ice breaking activities in order to  get to know each other and build trust between them and comfort among participants. Then, they presented their organizations based on three points: name, location, key areas of action and motivation for the project. 

Of course, the facilitators presented the project in detail, the methodology and they reflected on its potential. The group also had some free time to explore the city of Alqueva.


An amazing opportunity and great experience for EKO’s team

Vivian and Michail was the Greek participants whom we really want to thank for her contribution and collaboration throughout the project!


As EKO, we are very grateful for that amazing opportunity given to the Greek participant. We thank our partner Associacao Sementes de Esperanca and the members of the hosting organization for all their hard work and for creating such an impactful project!

Thank you – Ευχαριστούμε – Obrigado