Successful implementation of the JOUR-YOU's Multiplier Event

The event aimed to familiarize the young audience with information about the project itself, the concept of citizen journalism and community engagement, ways to investigate and combat fake news, to connect young people with the field of media as well as with experts/professionals (keynote speaker Ms. Maria Sofia Paraschou, columnist/content creator in PillowFights).


The young people were informed about every step of the project including:


  • – Stocktaking and Reflection Papers to evaluate the state of freedom of speech and freedom of journalism in the partner countries.
  • – Methodology for creating training materials for the next activities under the JOUR-YOU project.
  • – Online Course on Citizen Journalism for young people.
  • – Training toolkit for youth workers on media literacy.
  • – Guide on Citizen journalism for youth (with best practices).


Stay tuned for our last project activity the International Youth Conference which will take place on the 21st of March March 2024 and will take place in Athens, Greece attended by all the representatives from each partner country, and the winners from the online competition.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon at the final event in Athens!

Empowering Youth,

Building a Better Future!


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