Successfully implemented the dissemination activity of the project ''Empowering NEETs across Europe''

ΕΚΟ is happy to share with you the successful implementation of the Dissemination Event under the “Empowering NEETs across Europe: A peer learning approach” project which took place on the 16th of February 2024 at EKO’s premises.
EKO has made a public invitation on social media about the event and at the same time has invited some local organizations who work with youth in order to attend the event.
During our event, first of all, we welcomed the local attendees and presented our organization and its goals. After that, we passed on the project’s presentation. In the beginning, we did a short overview of the project (the summary of it) and then presented every mobility and its objectives and outcomes. 
It was presented that in all mobilities we wanted to provide tools & resources to digitally skill-up NEETs, to provide financial literacy & economic empowerment to the NEETs so that they are part of the job market and make contributions towards economic development, to enable the social inclusion of NEETs so as to counter negative social behaviors and to ensure the democratic engagement of the NEETs in local & European governance issues.
Later we presented the Toolkit – the most important digital material created during the project with all the non-formal education activities – and at the same time, we shared some of the activities tested on the last training in Athens.
We received questions from the public regarding the feedback of the NEETs who attending the training in Athens and where they can find the toolkit. From our side, we suggested some of the further actions that can be done in order to empower the NEETs and we ended the event with a short farewell coffee and snacks buffet.
We want to thank all the people who attended our event, which was a multicultural audience, that made us really happy.
Last but not least, to we want to thank all the partner consortium: YPA Spain, KKS Slovenia and YPA Belgium.

Empowering Youth,

Building a Better Future!


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