VISYON Countries Scripts

In Europe’s diverse tapestry, the VISYON (Values, Ideas, and Stories from Youth ON stage) project, funded by Erasmus+, stands as a beacon for the aspirations of its youth. This initiative, uniting youth organizations from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain, places local youth groups at its core.


VISYON’s mission is to equip these young individuals with the tools to effect change. Through local workshops and debates, participants engage with the 11 European Youth goals. What sets VISYON apart is the creation of short movies by local groups, reflecting on and addressing these goals.


The ‘Countries Scripts by VISYON’ showcases short-movies scripts created by VISYON groups in each country, each dedicated to one of the 11 European Youth goals. The scripts were inspired by the European Youth Diary, which presents the voices of 267 young Europeans assessing current policies and proposing improvements.


Tanino Films, a professional agency from Italy, has played a vital role in supporting script development. In February 2024, all VISYON groups will meet in Athens to create two more scripts, with the short movies set for publication by August 2024. Explore these creative insights, highlighting the unique perspectives of European youth on vital policy topics.


Check the Countries Scripts here:

Empowering Youth,

Building a Better Future!


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