YETC – Work in Progress

YETC – Work in Progress

Have you ever had a business idea, but felt unprepared to launch it
because of a lack of knowledge, courage, or motivation? 🤔
Do you have an entrepreneurship mindset, but you think you miss specific skills and competencies? 🤓
We have good news for you! 📣
EKO Greece, together with the five other experienced NGOs from Bulgaria, Italy, North Macedonia, Poland, and Romania are working intensively to generate the first outcomes of YETC (Young Entrepreneurs in Time of Crisis) an Erasmus + KA2 project: The snapshot about national and EU policies that support young people and entrepreneurship in the partners’ countries, and the Inspirational best practices guide! 💡
And this is just the beginning! #staytuned
If you are looking for inspiration, useful information on entrepreneurship, and practical tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur, we invite you to follow our project and its results! ⚡️
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