Youth ECOnnection

“Youth ECOnnection” aims to sensitize the young generation about how our consumer behaviour & everyday habits affect the environment.

This project and its implementation is a way to send the message to the local community that world-famous problem such as climate change is a problem that can be solved with the cooperation of all of us and that starts from our daily actions.

Each month there will be an engaging eco-friendly event for you to attend.


This documentary movie aims at showing the sad reality of Athens in the context of environmental awareness.


This documentary is about:

– Air Pollution;                                               – Electricity Consumption;                                              – Plastic Waste;

– Recycling;                                                   – Food Waste.


Winter is coming, but it will not stop us to make Athens a cleaner place to live in!
You are all invited to give a small contribution to our community by cleaning one of the largest park in Athens, Pedion tou Areos! 🙂
Let’s clean, not complain!
EKO and Youth #ECOnnection invite you all for the second clean up of the month!
Santa Claus is coming to town, and we want to welcome him with a clean Athens! ❤
We will provide all the necessary equipment to clean our hood as #Trash bags, #Gloves#Hand-sanitizer.
Our meeting point will be in front of Bread Factory and after the clean-up, you are more than welcome to share a cup of coffee with us!
The clean up event is organised in collaboration with #Greenfluencers – Local group in Athens.
Clean up, green up!
Clean up for your life.
Clean up, green up!
Don’t give up the fight!

Social Media Challenge

We challenge you to be creative, will you do it? 😎

Would you like to save our Planet?
Do you consider yourself a creative person?
Are you living in Greece at the moment and do you want to create an impact on the local community?

Step 1
Follow us on our Social Media

Step 2
Make an InstaStory on how you would reduce your Electricity consumption (e.g. Photo, Video, Text, Memes, etc..)
Tag @eko.greece
Put the hashtag #youthECOnnection

Step 3
Tag a Friend in the comments section
(you can comment on more than one)

Step 4
Wait until the 6th of February to know if you are the winner!💯🎉

Mapping of Eco-Friendly Businesses

Green Walk

Second-hand Market

Zero Waste Recipe Workshop