January 2023 – December 2025

EcoReactEU: Addressing Eco-Anxiety in Europe through Education and Action

EcoReactEU (Reaction to eco-anxiety for a  common transition in  Europe) is an Erasmus+ KA220- Cooperation partnerships in youth project, whose priority is to reinforce links between policy, research and practice, environment, and fight against climate change.


Eco-anxiety is a subject that is currently little explored in European educational practice. Knowledge of the subject is limited, and educational policies are almost non-existent to support it. EcoReactEU aims to  ensure  the  skills  development  of  youth  workers  and  the  entire  European  educational  community,   to  promote  the  integration  of  eco-anxiety  in  their  practices  with  young  people  and  thus  offer  a  first  educational  response  to  it.  The project also aspires  to  encourage  public  policies  to  make  eco-anxiety  a  major  issue  for  consideration  in  national  and  European  youth and  educational  policies.




Skills Development


To ensure the development of skills among youth workers and the broader European educational community, enabling them to effectively address the issue of eco-anxiety.

Integration of Eco-Anxiety


To promote the integration of eco-anxiety considerations into the practices and approaches used when working with young people. This includes finding ways to incorporate eco-anxiety awareness and support into educational activities.

Public Policies

To advocate for eco-anxiety to be recognized as a significant issue in national and European youth and educational policies. To influence policymaking to address eco-anxiety within the educational context.

Coordinators & Partners

– La ligue de l’enseignement (France) – Coordinator




– Arci APS (Italy) – Cobeneficiary


– University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) – Cobeneficiary

Outputs & Results

1. A European platform of resources making it easier to understand young people’s eco-anxiety and providing educational tools for the educational community and the general public.


2. An  online  course  (MOOC)  for  youth  workers  to  integrate  eco-anxiety  into  their  professional  practices.


3. An evaluation report after pilot testing the MOOC contents.


4. A  guide  of  operational  recommendations  in  5  languages  for  the  integration  of  eco-anxiety  in  the  professional  practices  of  the  educational  community.

Empowering Youth,

Building a Better Future!


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