1st March 2023 – 1st July 2025

ECOROUTES: Unlocking the Potential of Youth in Tourism

ECOROUTES is an Erasmus + KA220-YOU - Cooperation partnership in youth which aims to fight against climate change, to strengthen the employability of young people, and to address digital transformation.


ECOROUTES is a dynamic project with a mission to empower young individuals in Europe by turning them into passionate advocates and protectors of their region’s natural and cultural heritage. This initiative, funded under Erasmus+ KA220-YOU, addresses pressing issues such as youth unemployment and environmental challenges.


By fostering sustainable tourism activities, ECOROUTES seeks to create job opportunities for young people in the thriving tourism sector. The project educates young individuals about Europe’s rich cultural and natural heritage, emphasizing its role in youth employment and responsible citizenship. ECOROUTES inspires young people to appreciate and safeguard their heritage for future generations.


With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and digital readiness, ECOROUTES is a promising initiative that not only addresses the challenges of youth unemployment but also contributes to the protection and promotion of Europe’s unique heritage.


Promote Youth Employment


ECOROUTES aims to boost youth employment in the tourism sector by empowering young individuals to become advocates for their country’s cultural and natural heritage through the creation of sustainable tourism activities.

Cultural and Natural Heritage


We intend to enhance the knowledge of Europe’s cultural and natural heritage among young people and highlight its value as a tool for both youth employment and responsible citizenship.

Inspire Preservation



ECOROUTES endeavors to inspire young people to better understand the significance of promoting and preserving their heritage for future generations.

Outputs & Results

1. Mobility 1: Preparatory Visit

2. Mobility 2: Short training programmes for employees (Disability)

3. Mobility 3: Short training programmes for employees (Circular Economy)

4. Mobility 4: Adult combined mobility for listeners

5. Mobility 5: Summary Visit

Empowering Youth,

Building a Better Future!


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