JOVID – Digital Job

JOVID – Digital Job

The mobile APP, JOVID-19, is conceived to provide an innovative platform where potential employers of digital services and young jobseekers can meet and work together.

Its innovation comes from the application of the crowdsourcing concept to job search presenting a new way to get a job in relation to other alternatives that exist in the market. Through this crowdsourcing concept, friends, colleagues, youth workers, and the whole youngster’s contact’s ecosystem, can help you to find a job, in a process of successful symbiosis that will report to the recommending contact a commission of 5% of the gross salary.

With this platform, we aim to:

  • Offer a C2B2C alternative to what other social platforms are currently offering.
  • Incorporate artificial intelligence in the search for candidates including information from other social networks.
  • Democratize the recruiter profile: anyone can find you a job and take a fee. 



Are you UP for your self-employment road? Keep tuned!

More info coming soon!


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