Erasmus+ KA205– “Start-U”

The project “Start-U: Defining (inclusive) paths to star (new) lives” is an ERASMUS+ project applied by ANJE- Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários in partnership with international consortium of NGOs (from Portugal, Greece, North Macedonia and Croatia) has been approved for funding!


Europe becomes increasingly a diverse, inclusive, innovative and renewed place. However, due to the globalization process, young people face certain problems that condition their transition to adulthood.

Currently in Europe the number of young NEET; unemployed, at risk of poverty and social exclusion, among others, is very high. This project aims to combat these problems for young people. The solution to be developed involves the development of the key competences on young people and youth workers and the investment in entrepreneurship and social innovation, taking into account young people’s aspirations, creativity, talents and needs.

The social problem is the social and professional exclusion of young people, due to the lack of development of key competences and the lack of stimulation of the entrepreneurship and social innovation.


Outputs & Results

1. Training Courses

2. Local Sessions

3. Blended Mobility

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“START-U: Defining (inclusive) paths to start (new) lives”

“START-U: Defining (inclusive) paths to start (new) lives”

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