Erasmus+ KA205– “Youth Finance Academy” (YFA)

Youth Finance Academy is an Erasmus+ KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for Youth project that aims to develop innovative education tools that can equip young people and young entrepreneurs with the know-how and competences necessary for them to make sound financial decisions at a personal and professional level, to create their own livelihoods, and to become empowered, financially literate economic citizens.

December 1st 2020 –November 30th 2022


COVID-19 is painfully exposing the existing and persisting health, social and economic inequalities in our societies. This pandemic has the heaviest impact on the lives of people living in deprivation or facing difficult socio-economic circumstances. The constant threat of financial crisis has made it crucial to address the need for financial literacy educational programs.

Without it, people fail to make the right decisions. As it affects everybody, it covers all demographics, all geographies, and all cultures, it is essential that the public, private, and not-forprofit sector join forces transnationally to support youth develop their financial literacy.

During the initial phase of developing YFA project, 8 organizations collected data from 314 young people (aged 18-30), 59 young entrepreneurs (aged 18-30), 149 youth workers (aged 18+) to get a better insight of the financial behavior and financial learning needs of these groups.

More than half of the young people (51%) stated that they are not in control of their finances, and 67% of them affirms they have received no financial education in schools and they relate only to direct life experiences

Most young entrepreneurs stated that they are not familiar with financial management tools, and that they need to learn about updated notions that could apply in reality since most of the things learned at formal education settings can no longer be applied

The vast majority of youth workers stated that they have no specific training on financial education (97%), while they think that “educators are not prepared because not even the national education system is ready to teach Financial Education to young people” (78%)


Outputs & Results

A) 13 Financial education mind-maps

B) Youth Finance Academy training toolbox

C) Youth Finance Academy educational game


C1: Financial Education Training for Youth Workers

C2: Financial Education Camp for Young People

C3: Financial Education Camp for Young Entrepreneurs

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