Erasmus + KA210 - “Empowering NEETs across Europe”

Empowering NEETs across Europe is an Erasmus + KA210 -  Small-scale partnerships project whose objective is to address& improve the digital, economic, social&democratic lives of NEETs in Europe.


According to Eurostat in 2021, more than 1 in 6 young adults in the EU were not in education, employment or training.
17.6% of young adults aged 20 to 34 were classified as NEET &this is 1.2 % points more than in 2020. This data shows the need to conduct a project that redresses the lack of opportunities for NEETs in Europe.

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020 warns of a “double disruption” to jobs from the impact of COVID-19 and advances in technology. By 2025, the report predicts that half of all employees will need reskilling as technology adoption changes the nature of jobs&work.



Entrepreneurship And Social Economy Group (Greece)


Outputs & Results

  • – Digital empowerment with great focus on websites, smartphoneAPPs & video games development, as high in demand areas able to create well-paying job positions.
  • – Economical activation through financial literacy&job-seeking skills to actively engage in seeking employment.
  • – Social activation:through:
    • 1. Individual & family support
    • 2. Community network with other organisations
  • – Democratic activation:fostering NEETs participation in electoral processes EU
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