On 25 September 2015 world leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each year on the anniversary of this historic day the UN SDG Action Campaign mobilizes the UN, national and local governments, youth groups, civil-society organizations, the media, and the private sector around the world with a global call to Act for the SDGs. EKO supports educational efforts, youth […]

Sustainability through Cross Border Circular Economy (SCRCE)

EKO is excited to announce our participation in the KA2 project “Sustainability through Cross Border Circular Economy (SCRCE)”, which focuses on investigating the move from the traditional Linear Economy to a Circular Economy. The traditional Linear Economy is a theoretical approach to seeing the economy as a process that takes any resource – makes it into a product – sells […]

The Observatory to Prevent Extremist Violence

The Observatory to Prevent Extremist Violence (OPEV) is an active platform of civil society organisations from across the Euro-Mediterranean Region aiming to bring a constructive contribution to prevent violent extremism. EKO is committed to maintain as a member of OPEV positive peace, promoting real democracies, human security, sustainable development and protecting human rights. Check out more about: EKO as a […]

International Alliance for Peace and Development

The International Alliance for Peace and Development is a group of non-governmental organizations from around the world who have agreed to play an active to support peace and development issues and have converged on a common working agenda based on universal human values, principles of coexistence, and universality of human rights. The Alliance is based on the international human rights […]

Anna Lindh Foundation

EKO is fully committed to support the achievement of Anna Lindh Foundation’s vision and objectives, as our goals are perfectly aligned. The Anna Lindh Foundation runs the largest Network of civil society organisations involved in the promotion of intercultural dialogue across Europe and the Mediterranean. From its very beginning, the ALF was conceived as a Network of National Networks, established […]

European Voluntary Service

EKO is accredited to run projects under European Voluntary Service, part of the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme. Volunteering in another country is a great way to experience different cultures and make new friends, whilst also helping others and learning new skills that could be helpful in later life. European Voluntary Service has had a major impact on the lives of many […]

European Youth Week 2017

“Shape it, Move it, Be it” In the context of the European Youth Week “Shape It, Move It, Be It”, the European Commission provided an opportunity for organizations implementing “Erasmus+/Youth” programs to mobilize children and young people to promote the values of solidarity, social inclusion, democracy and active citizenship. EKO responded with enthusiasm to the call of the National Youth […]