EKO actively supports and promotes the European Union’s 2020 growth strategy for employment, innovation, education, social inclusion and environmental protection. EKO is therefore taking on actions in order to:

  • empower youngsters, minorities and vulnerable social groups and promote their presence and rights in all fields of socioeconomic and professional life
  • design, organise and realise non-formal education, life-long learning and training opportunities, to help those social groups develop skills, find employment and integrate into society as active citizens
  • facilitate intercultural and interreligious awareness and solidarity, especially within Greece and Europe, as well as between Europe and MENA, by providing dialogue platforms, organizing cultural exchanges and tolerance trainings
  • develop, plan and realise interventions and suggest measures to fight unemployment and social exclusion and to support entrepreneurship, social economy and sustainable development
  • strengthen cross-border civil society, through knowledge transfer and sharing of good practices, as well as through collaborative initiatives with its broad network of international partners through Strategic Partnership programs
  • promote research and innovation, support cooperation, exchange of experience and good practices in the fields of social inclusion, enivironmetal protection and sustainability
  • actively support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and environmental causes




  • Planning, coordination and implemention of multiple Erasmus+ Programs, involving partner organizations from Europe, MENA and neighboring countries on various fields of interest related to EKO’s objectives
  • Organization of local workshops, courses, info-days and seminars open to young people and guided by non-formal education prinicples, on opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ umbrella, on project management & proposal writing and on personal development
  • Participation in Volunteer Exchange and Vocational Training programs (EVS, Leonardo, KEK placements, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs)
  • Development of on-line Courses and education material on non-formal education, life-long learning, intercultural dialogue, social and environmental sustainability and other subjects, aiming to empower youth and enhance participatory approach through civil society actions
  • Implementing educational/cultural projects with European Foundations for the support and inclusion of their school children and youngsters with special socio-economic needs, poor family conditions and orphans in collaboration with the Greek Foundation Hatzinkosta
  • Mobilizing efforts through networking and support of various UN bodies, by attending and actively contributing to side-events organized in the sidelines of Human Rights Council Sessions of the United Nations in Geneva
  • Mentoring of entrepreneurs in crisis (Early Warning European Project)