Youth Empowerment, Human Rights & Social Inclusion

EKO designs and implements a variety of NFE activities, and trainings for youth participation, empowering vulnerable youth and boosting youth employability. Our relevant activities are:

      • Coordination of Youth Mobilities & Structured Dialogue events, under Erasmus+ and other European programs
      • Operation of a Youth Club open to all interested youngsters, in the context of which we provide workshops for the enhancement of key transferrable skills (communication, cooperation, creativity, intercultural and digital skills), while also providing support to youth groups in developing their own initiatives and local activities
      • Organization of Info-Days open to young people on opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ umbrella, in collaboration with local Universities (NKUA, UNIWA, AUEB)
      • Organization of seminars and workshops for informal youth groups and newcoming organizations on proposal writing and management skills
      • Educational/cultural projects with Greek and International Foundations for the support and inclusion of orphans and children /youngsters with special socio-economic needs or fewer opportunities
      • Participation in the Sessions of the United Nations where EKO’s members work as presenters, panelists and chairs of several side events on Human Rights Council Sessions.

Our experience relevant to youth empowerment, social inclusion and human rights includes, among others, the following projects:

» “Pathways to Gender-Based Violence Prevention”: A CBY-ACPALA project that aims to strengthen the capacities of youth workers in meeting the learning needs and knowledge gaps among GBV survivors and offenders, and support youth workers in creating learning opportunities that empower youth to become active agents of GBV prevention.

»“Y-MOVE”: A KA347 project, coordinated by EKO, that aims to raise awareness and strengthen active citizenship attitude of youth via a series of specialized workshops, round-table discussions and the Structured Dialogue Tool. During the project the participants will co-write a booklet with recommendations on major challenges in EU countries, such as sustainable development, youth unemployment & quality learning, which will be addressed to European decision-makers.

» “ERMIScom”: An Erasmus+ KA203 project with a partnership among 5 European Universities and 1 NGO (EKO) that aspires to develop a common Master curriculum among the involved HEIs, which will enhance the efficacy of media studies to counter fake news and hate speech spread on New Media and, thereby, facilitate the social integration and inclusion of vulnerable social groups.

» “SOLIDinEDU”: A KA347 project, coordinated by EKO, which contributes to the promotion of equality, social cohesion & active citizenship, in accordance with Educational and Training Framework 2020, and will produce recommendations to local authorities and educational institutions, through country-specific analyses, exchange of best practices and structured dialogue between young people and policy-makers.

» “VOYCE”: A KA3-EYT project, with a partnership of 9 European countries, will put young people in the driver’s seat and give them the tools to learn how to present their ideas and represent their positions on various social issues (education & training, employment & labour rights, environment & sustainable consumption, smart mobility, democracy & equality) in front of institutions or any kind of public. This goal will be achieved through a series of youth-oriented activities & specifically local working groups of young people in all partner countries, a social Hackathon, a co-creation process of various projects by the young people with the support of youth workers and experts and a crowdfunding to support the best ideas.