Erasmus+ KA203– “Common curricula for diversity: education in media and integration of vulnerable groups”

ERMIScom is an Erasmus+ KA203 – Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education project that aims to develop a common Master curriculum among the involved organizations that will enhance the efficacy of media courses to counter fake news and hate speech spread online on social media in order to facilitate the social integration and inclusion of vulnerable social groups.

October 1st 2020 – April 30th 2023


ERMIScom is set to close gaps in the current educational framework for New Media, which misses the experiential basis of non-formal, collaborative learning methods, in order to achieve a holistic education that can render the new generations of media professionals agents of social innovation and a social economy.

The ERMIScom partnership aspires that the project will contribute to better informed and sensitized citizens, who are more likely to trigger a positive feedback loop of improved media reporting and representation practices, resulting in higher public awareness and strengthened democratic control for more effective integration policies.

Partners are expected to carry the impact of the project forward through their engagement in a long-lasting consortium aimed at the development of a Joint Master (EMJM), as well as other follow-up European projects.


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Celebrating the Publication of Our e-Book on SALTO-Toolbox!

Celebrating the Publication of Our e-Book on SALTO-Toolbox!

We are excited to share the wonderful news that the innovative educational resource ““ERMIScom Addendum – Companion Of Non-Formal Education…

ERMIScom e-BOOKS are now available!

ERMIScom e-BOOKS are now available!

ERMIScom, an Erasmus+ project promoting Education in Media and Integration of Vulnerable Groups In our rapidly evolving and increasingly intricate…

ERMIScom Addendum is now available!

ERMIScom Addendum is now available!

Attention students, educators, and media professionals! We are excited to introduce the ERMIScom Addendum – a game-changing resource for innovative…

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