Promotion of youth & women entrepreneurship and innovation

EKO collaborates with players in the social economy sector to promote sustainable social and economic models in the society at a national and European level, and enhance entrepreneurial skills and attitudes in young people, women and vulnerable groups. Our relevant activities are:

      • Development of and participation in Strategic partnership projects in the Erasmus+ framework that aim to enhance different facets of entrepreneurial skills and attitudes in young people, women and vulnerable groups
      • Local non-formal education workshops in the context of EKO’s Youth Club operation focusing on leadership and entrepreneurial skills
      • Mentoring of entrepreneurs in crisis (in the context of “Early Warning” EU Project)
      • Participation in Prince’s Trust International Entrepreneurship Program for youth, which offers an introductory interactive Seminar (Explore enterprise course) & professional guidance/counseling for the development of a Business idea into a business plan.

Our experience relevant to the promotion of youth entrepreneurship and innovation includes the following projects:

»“SEE ME GR&OW”: An Erasmus+ KA205 project that aims to promote an entrepreneurial mindset and culture among young people, open networking opportunities for business development and to facilitate intervention at local and international level through advocacy and effective representation of the self – employed in the decision making.

» “Youth Finance Academy”: An Erasmus+ KA205 project that aims to develop innovative education tools that can equip young people and young entrepreneurs with the know-how and competences necessary for them to make sound financial decisions at a personal and professional level, to create their own livelihoods, and to become empowered, financially literate economic citizens.

» “Transforming COVID-19 into an opportunity”: An Erasmus+ KA227 project aiming at reinforcing creative solutions to unemployment rates provoked by COVID-19 and enabling collaborations between the youth- and the business sector for inclusive digital job creation, in accordance with the demands of our increasingly data-driven world, by supporting young people develop digital entrepreneurial activities in the cultural sector.

» “START-U”: An Erasmus+ KA205 project that encourages entrepreneurship and social innovation as a solution for equal opportunities, social inclusion and improving youth employability, and that will lead to the development of a guide of good practices (Booklet & E-Book), which can be generalized and applied to different contexts, allowing the improvement of the quality of the youth sector in the fields of social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

» “YOUng Women grEen ENtrepreneurs”: An Erasmus+ KA205 project in which EKO collaborates with the Greek NGO IASIS, wherein our trainers support young women, who live in remote areas, to realize rural development grass-roots initiatives and to develop entrepreneurial sustainable ideas and actions in their local communities.