Erasmus+ KA205– “Transforming COVID-19 into an opportunity

Transforming COVID-19 into an opportunity is an Erasmus+ KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for Youth project that aims to develop youngsters' creativity through digital skills for the development of innovative solutions to the negative consequences of the COVID19 pandemic, enabling a platform where potential employers and young jobseekers can meet and work together.


Covid-19 is leading to the emergence of a “lockdown generation”, as the crisis hits young people’s job prospects. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO) the pandemic is having a “devastating and disproportionate” impact on youth employment, while the most recent figures show that young people face major obstacles in continuing training and education, moving between jobs, and entering the labor market. Before the pandemic, EU youth unemployment (15-24) was 14.9%, down from its peak of 24.4% in 2013. In July 2020, it rose to 17%. The European Commission’s summer 2020 economic forecast predicts that the EU economy will shrink 8.3% in 2020, the deepest recession in the EU’s history. Access to skilled digital workers is already a key factor for XXI century businesses. In an increasingly data-driven future – the European Commission believes there could be as many as 756,000 unfilled jobs in the European ICT sector by the end of 2020 – these numbers will exponentially grow due to the impact of the COVID19 pandemic.


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