Sustainable Development & Green Growth

Green Growth has been a central concept of interest of EKO for the last 3 years, since it first entered the partnership of the project “Sustainability through Cross-Border Circular Economy”. Our activities relevant to sustainable development & green growth include:

      • Activation of local youth groups for the design and implementation of local youth-led initiatives aiming to enhance ecological awareness and promote sustainable lifestyles, green growth, and smart solutions to environmental pressures
      • Designing, Organizing and implementing of international exchange programs aiming to cultivate young people’s ecological awareness and commitment to act against the environmentally harmful growth model and habits of our societies.
      • Development of educational material and manuals addressed to youth and relevant stakeholders with recommendations on aligning individual choices and lifestyle with sustainable development principles (Zero Waste, Circular Economy, Ecosystem Conservation etc)
      • Liaising with relevant stakeholders, and public authorities involved in Circular Economy research, pilot projects and business innovations in Greece, e.g. Halandri Municipality, DRAXIS Environmental Technologies Company, National Technical University of Athens etc
      • Mobilizing efforts through networking and support of various UN bodies, by attending and actively contributing to side-events organized in the sidelines Human Rights Council Sessions of the United Nations in Geneva, on topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals

Our experience relevant to sustainability issues includes the following projects:

» “Sustainability through Cross-Border Circular Economy” (SCRCE): An Erasmus+ KA204 project with a partnership of 4 countries (Germany, Greece, Italy, Sweden), and EKO as a partner organization. SCRCE focused on challenges, best practices and education approaches relevant to the transition from the traditional Linear to a Circular Economy.

Follow-up activities to SCRCE for the development of a shared pool of adult education methods dealing with the complex topic of Circular Economy and its application by individuals, businesses and people in position to produce a multiplier effects, esp. educators.

»  “Solidarity for the Environment”: An Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Exchange, coordinated by EKO, that took place in Athens, in October 2017, with the aim to inspire young people to become active stakeholders in the urgent work for a sustainable future in their local context and beyond

» “GREEN CITIES”: An Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Exchange, coordinated by EKO, that took place in Athens, in December 2018, with the aim to promoting learning about, and action toward green & sustainable cities

» “Solidarity through Environmental education”: A long-term ESC volunteering program, coordinated by EKO, during which volunteers implemented community work for the environmental sensitization of youth and for sustainable and achievable long-term improvements in the environment of urban areas

» “Solidarity with European Islands”: A long-term ESC volunteering program, coordinated by EKO, during which volunteers investigate the various needs & global challenges that effect the special territories of islands and develop local initiatives for their social, economic & environmental sustainability

» “#Greenfluencers”: An Erasmus+ KA205 project that focuses on sustainable resource management, zero waste and green economy, and supports young people become agents of change for a greener future, through activation of local youth groups and through the exchange of good practices among organizations that work directly with youth.

» “YOUng Women grEen ENtrepreneurs”: An Erasmus+ KA205 project in which EKO collaborates with the Greek NGO IASIS, wherein our trainers support young women, who live in remote areas, to realize rural development grass-roots initiatives and to develop entrepreneurial sustainable ideas and actions in their local communities.