Erasmus+ KA205 "#GREENFLUENCERS: Youth Workers for a Greener Future"

#Greenfluencers is an Erasmus+ KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for Youth project that focuses on the exchange of good practices in youth work for enhancing environmental awareness and promoting sustainable habits and responsible consumption.


The great environmental and sustainability issues the planet is facing have been on the current political agenda of governments, organizations and entities for years. In addition, the current pandemic of COVID-19 has given the population a much greater awareness of the relation between the quality of our environment and our health, proving that the way we live, consume and produce is a determining factor for the climate and can have a very negative impact on our health.

#Greenfluencers project is closely linked to these problems and in tune with the Action Program on the Environment of the European Union, which has the objective of building a future where we live in a society where nothing is thrown away, natural resources are managed sustainably, the health of citizens is protected against environmental degradation and biodiversity is protected, valued and restored.


Activities & Results

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C1-Portugal: Social eco-entrepreneurship

C2-Italy: Social and solidarity-based economy

C3-Greece: Circular economy and green growth

C4-Spain: Zero Waste activism

– To create a shared pool of good practices in the field of environmental awareness among civil society organisations, youth workers and work groups with influencing potential, made of local youngsters

– To transform each group of youngsters into multipliers of good practices through digital media converting them in active citizens with a critic spirit;

– To disseminate movements of responsible consumption, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, circular economy and Zero Waste among the young people of each participating country and to reach more people through digital media;

– To promote alternative ways of consumption and give incentives to the young generation for adopting them on a daily basis;

– To create a social impact and to foster, via the work groups, sustainable local initiatives;

– To lay the foundations and to establish ties among the groups of youngsters for the creation of future projects about sustainability.

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Local Actions

Local Grouop Athens

Local Group Athens – Best Practices

Training Course – Athens (Greece)

Training Course – Terrassa (Spain)

Flashmob (EU Green Week 2022)

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Latest News

#Greenfluencers: Local Group Opening Event completed!

#Greenfluencers: Local Group Opening Event completed!

The Opening Event of the #Greenfluencers project has been successful! The Local Group of #Greenfluencers in Athens is now ready…

#Greenfluencers: 1st Training event in Azores successfully Completed

#Greenfluencers: 1st Training event in Azores successfully Completed

The first training event of the #Greenfluencers project in the Azores has been successfully completed, after some very intense days…

“#GREENFLUENCERS, Youth workers for a greener future” KA205 project approved!

“#GREENFLUENCERS, Youth workers for a greener future” KA205 project approved!

EKO is happy to announce that the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Youth project with the title #GREENFLUENCERS, developed and submitted…

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