Erasmus+ KA220 – “Podcast Employ yourself in Culture” (PEC)

The PEC Project (Podcast Employ yourself in Culture) is an Erasmus+ KA220- Cooperation partnership in youth.

The project aims to produce innovative content related to the employability and entrepreneurship of young people in the cultural sector.

February 1, 2022- February 1, 2024


The crise due to COVID-19 throughout Europe has not only been a health one. It also heavily affected the economic, social, educational, and cultural sectors. The effects of the restrictions generated by the pandemic are clear in the educational and cultural fields of the partner countries (Spain, Italy, Greece, and Croatia). Also, the unemployment rate is significantly increased and none of the partner countries is among the top 30 most favorable countries for entrepreneurship.

The Podcast Employ Yourself in Culture (PEC) project aims to promote the cultural sector, by making it more attractive to young people, presenting it as a source of opportunity. The project results will help to promote the employability of young people in the cultural sector. In the context of the major crisis due to Covid-19, this project supports the cultural sector, creating more interest in it and promoting the importance of European cultural heritage.


Outputs & Results

1. Employability and Entrepreneurship videos Interviews and development of tools related to employability and entrepreneurship in the culture field.


2. Creation of a web page linked to job search platforms in the cultural sector and information on possible career opportunities within the cultural sector.


3. Series of Podcast episodes related to employability and entrepreneurship in the culture field.


  1. Training meeting for youth workers. The main objective of the training is To inform youth workers on new dynamic communication methods that are available and more accessible through new technologies. It is hoped that they can contribute to the dissemination of these materials in their daily work with young people, and therefore to the promotion of employability opportunities among young people and their knowledge of European cultural heritage.


Empowering Youth,

Building a Better Future!


PIC: 947101405 / OID: E10152078