Sustainability through Cross Border Circular Economy (SCRCE)

Sustainability through Cross Border Circular Economy (SCRCE)

EKO is excited to announce our participation in the KA2 project “Sustainability through Cross Border Circular Economy (SCRCE)”, which focuses on investigating the move from the traditional Linear Economy to a Circular Economy. The traditional Linear Economy is a theoretical approach to seeing the economy as a process that takes any resource – makes it into a product – sells it – buys and uses it – disposes. Thus, it has clear starting and ending points. The idea of a Circular Economy intends to “close the loop”. It is motivated to explore possibilities to cut wastes, leakages and inefficiencies, as well as to recycle within each step and inbetween. The objective is to reduce waste, however not to influence consumers, i.e. they can keep the same standards and quality of life.   A more sustainable world!

“where the value of products, material and resources is maintained in the economy for as long as possible, and the generation of waste minimised

(EU Commission, 2018)

  Check our more information about the project by clicking on the poster below:

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