“InterAct” Second Partnership meeting successfully completed

“InterAct” Second Partnership meeting successfully completed

The second partnership meeting of InterACT project has been successfully completed today!

The partner youth organizations (KulturLife from Germany, EKO from Greece, yEUth from the Netherlands, Mobilizing Expertise from Sweden, Education for an Interdependent World from Belgium) presented and discussed their findings on young people’s and youth workers’ needs, in terms of tools facilitating Intercultural Action Competences (IAC) development and documentation, to the Research- and Tech-partners of the consortium (University of Groningen from the Netherlands and IADT from Ireland).

This discussion aimed at bridging the experiences and insights of practitioners with the academic knowledge in the field, and specifically the EMIC model of intercultural competences that breaks them down into observable and measurable components.

This fruitful meeting laid the foundation for the development of InterACT’s mobile App and further enhanced the partners commitment to pursue the goals of InterACT project!

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